Who we are? 

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StartupYou (SUY) is a young and dynamic school for future learners with strong ethos and an ecosystem fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Learners are encouraged to be self-directed and lifelong learners and who at the end of the course are future-ready to thrive in a VUCA world.

Our constant focus is on providing optimal yet cost-effective learning approaches. Our courses focus on leadership, innovation, and business competency building and cover topics such as higher purpose, goal-mindedness, design thinking, complex problem solving, business plans and pitch, negotiation skills, and coping with failure.

Innovation And Quality That Goes Hand in Hand

Through constant innovation and adherence to highest quality standards, we create memorable learning programs, which are always delivered keeping our learners’ best interest at heart. By using unique learning strategies, we enable learners to perform better post the learning programs.

At SUY, we use a variety of teaching strategies focused on experiential learning to our learners. These include case studies, leadership talks, design thinking projects, business challenges, hackathons, AI-enabled lessons, and internships.


Our Team

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Each team within SUY Ecosystem has a shared vision and passion to excel at their individual skills and at the same time work towards a common goal of delivering the most effective and exciting learning programs.

Our team comprises seasoned digital learning professionals who offer the right blend of expertise to make us the preferred learning thought leaders.

Our Team includes:

  • Faculty Members

  • Industry Experts

  • Data Scientists

  • Instructional Designers

The ecosystem also provides learners with summer internships. Learners are given periodic feedback on their progress at StartupYou based on big data and this is both descriptive as well as prescriptive in nature.

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Why Us?

Our Value Proposition 

The courses at SUY focus on ‘life entrepreneurship’ which comprises leadership, innovation, and business competencies through a plethora of experiential learning opportunities including summer internships.

Our value proposition is that every learner leaves here having discovered their higher purpose and also developing a designer’s mindset.

We use new emerging technologies and big data to track our learners’ progress and share periodic feedback (descriptive and prescriptive) to help them continuously improve in their entrepreneurial journey at StartupYou.

Why Us?

Our Team Culture 

At SUY, we are a heterogeneous group of professionals. Our team has individuals from different cultures but bring in their unique identity and skills to the table. We believe in harnessing each other’s potential to the fullest. This we do by committing fully to the cause or the mission of delivering world-class learning programs.

While being committed to the cause, we have our share of fun too. We take time out from our work and bond with each other. We believe that a happy team is the one that can work to its potential.

We work together to maintain a conducive ambiance and collegial spirit that encourage positive vibes and the creation of bright ideas.

Our team members are experienced professionals having clarity on their roles and responsibilities.

They are:

  • Motivated to work towards a common goal

  • Dedicated team players who complement each other in expertise

  • Capable of proactive decision making for smooth execution of projects

The team members are empowered by the senior management to take appropriate decisions to cater to the learners & needs in the best possible way. The management provides timely support to mitigate risks and empower us to march towards success.