“Intelligence is what we learn.
Wisdom is what we unlearn.”


The curriculum focusses on building leadership, innovation, business and climate change leadership competencies.  


In the pursuit of developing an entrepreneurial mindset, the main focus is on purpose, deep reading, design thinking process and risk-taking. 


The Start-up school provides experiential learning opportunities through: 

  1. Internships with MNC’s and Start-ups

  2. Case studies from top business schools

  3. Design thinking process 

  4. Virtual reality and online business simulations 

  5. Business competitions and hackathons  

Student progress is monitored through automated assessments along with descriptive, predicative and prescriptive analytics. Furthermore, a mathematical model for entrepreneurial rigour is also used to track a student’s entrepreneurial journey at the Start-up School.    

Guidance on credentialing and block-chaining as avenues for students to showcase their academic portfolio and evidence of life-long learning is provided.  


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