Ms Preeti G Prabhu

Chief Philosophy Officer, Indus Trust

A gold medallist in economics and with a postgraduate degree in Financial and Business Economics from the United Kingdom, Ms Preeti Prabhu has more than fifteen years’ experience in the education sector, first as an IGCSE & IBDP economics and business facilitator and later on as a school administrator. The latter include Head of Department, Head of School, Vice Principal and most recently as the Principal of Indus International School Pune and in these roles, she has worked closely with students, parents and the community as well as on aspects such as curriculum design, delivery, school policy and governance.

Ms Prabhu considers herself as a ‘warm-demander’ and believes in setting high expectations and challenging goals for her students and team members, which will help unlock their potential and at the same time ensures to provide an enriching environment that will support them in this pursuit. She also believes that every individual is a lifelong learner and must continuously work on reskilling themselves to remain relevant.

Ms Prabhu’s work belief is that talent and strength lie in the team and hence it is essential for strong collaboration between team members based on mutual trust and respect and everyone working towards the same goal which is and should always remain the education of the head, heart and mind. In this regard, Ms Prabhu has been involved in the planning and implementation of professional and self-development sessions for her team members and believes that for a teacher to be able to unlock the potential of their students, he/she must continuously learn-unlearn-relearn.

In her new role as Chief Philosophy Officer, Ms Prabhu will not only oversee the Start-up School curriculum across the three schools but will also specifically focus on the critical role that ethics, life entrepreneurship, innovation, big data and emerging technologies have on education and how these can guide students in becoming successful Start-up (future) ready individuals.

Ms Prabhu believes that the Indus Start-up School, the first of its kind in the world in K-12 education, will be one of the pillars that will drive and further strengthen the innovation culture in Indus schools.